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license build

IW4x: Client

Compile from source

  • Clone the Git repo. Do NOT download it as ZIP, that won't work.
  • Update the submodules and run premake5 vs2022 or simply use the delivered generate.bat.
  • Build via solution file in build\iw4x.sln.

Premake arguments

Argument Description
--copy-to=PATH Optional, copy the DLL to a custom folder after build, define the path here if wanted.
--copy-pdb Copy debug information for binaries as well to the path given via --copy-to.
--force-unit-tests Always compile unit tests.
--disable-binary-check Do not perform integrity checks on the exe.

Command line arguments

Argument Description
-tests Perform unit tests.
-entries Print to the console a list of every asset as they are loaded from zonefiles.
-stdout Redirect all logging output to the terminal iw4x is started from, or if there is none, creates a new terminal window to write log information in.
-console Allow the game to display its own separate interactive console window.
-dedicated Starts the game as a headless dedicated server.
-bigminidumps Include all code sections from loaded modules in the dump.
-reallybigminidumps Include data sections from all loaded modules in the dump.
-dump Write info of loaded assets to the raw folder as they are being loaded.
-nointro Skip game's cinematic intro.
-version Print IW4x build info on startup.
-nosteam Disable friends feature and do not update Steam about the game's current status just like an invisible mode.
-unprotect-dvars Allow the server to modify saved/archive dvars.
-zonebuilder Start the interactive zonebuilder tool console instead of starting the game.
-disable-notifies Disable "Anti-CFG" checks
-disable-mongoose Disable Mongoose HTTP server
-disable-rate-limit-check Disable RCon rate limit checks


This software has been created purely for the purposes of academic research. It is not intended to be used to attack other systems. Project maintainers are not responsible or liable for misuse of the software. Use responsibly.